Hawaiian Man Breaks 22-Year-Old Fishing Record With Massive Octopus

Hawaiian Man Breaks His Brother's 22-Year-Old Fishing Record After Catching A Massive Octopus
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Family competition in fishing is all part of the fun. Growing up fishing with my dad and brother it was always a game to see who could catch the most and the biggest fish.

I always won, of course, because I’ve always been the best fisherman in my family. And by ‘best’ I mean the ‘most addicted’ aka the guy who takes 10x casts more than everyone else and gives himself the most chances to catch fish. That’s my secret…

Family competition in fishing is great on any level but I have to imagine it’s a lot sweeter when it involves a new state fishing record like this record that was just broken in Hawaii.

A 69-year-old man by the name of Michael Matsunaga just broke his brother’s fishing record that has stood for 22 long years. If ANYONE in my family held a fishing record for decades they’d be lording it over the rest of us like they won the lottery…

Hawaiian man catches 25.95-pound octopus, a new state fishing record, after breaking…

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