Missouri Man Breaks Perch Fishing Record After Joking About It

enormous Yellow perch fish
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iStockphoto / Piter1977

A man in Jefferson City, Missouri only needed three days in the new year to break a perch fishing record. It happened after he joked to his wife that he was going out to break a fishing record and well, he did exactly that.

Jeffrey Needles of Lake Lotawana set the first state fishing record of the year in Missouri when he caught a 12-ounce yellow perch outof Lake Lotawana using a throwline.

The state of Missouri has a set of fishing records classified under ‘alternate methods’ and the previous record for yellow perch was a 10-ounce fish caught in a private pond in 2019, according to a press release from the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Speaking with the Missouri Department of Conservation, Jeffrey Needles explained how he joked he’d catch a record and then it actually happened. He said “I’d talked about breaking this record a lot. We’ve always had yellow perch in Lake Lotawana, and I thought, ‘What if I did a throwline for…

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