New Footage Of Massachusetts State Record Lake Trout

enormous lake trout caught while fishing in Massachusetts
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iStockphoto / glxedwards

The Wachusett Reservoir in Massachusetts holds some record lake trout and other fish that anglers long to catch but the reservoir only allows fishing from the lake’s shores and doesn’t allow boats so this body of water has always been a risk-reward location for serious fishermen.

Earlier this year, back in April, the Massachusetts state record for lake trout was broken twice in two days. More specifically, it was the catch-and-release length record for lake trout that was broken twice in two days and what makes the story even wilder is that both anglers who broke the record were friends with Jeff Evans, the angler who set the record last year with a 37-inch lake trout also caught on Wachusett.

So these three anglers all go to trash talk each other while breaking each other state fishing records which is something I’ve never heard of happening until now because more often than not, it is years if not decades between fishing records getting…

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4.4 5 votes
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