Swordfish Caught Off SD Breaks 20 Year California Fishing Record

Swordfish eye close up
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The swordfish is one of the most iconic fish in the world. Folks who have never gone fishing in their lives can almost always identify a swordfish, though I often get asked (by people who don’t fish) if the blue marlin tattooed on my back is a swordfish. And as one of the species on the Mt. Rushmore of Game Fish, swordfish fishing records are pretty special.

Capt. Dillon Houston of San Diego-based Brothers Sport Fishing can now lay claim to a swordfish record after breaking a 20-year-old California state fishing record. The previous Cali record for swordfish was a 452-pound, 8oz swordfish caught by David Denholm off Catalina Island back in September 2003.

That record fell on Monday, October 30th when angler Mason Karafa was fishing off San Diego’s Nine Mile Bank and reeled in a 520 pound swordfish that measured 135.5 inches from end to end.

Capt. Ezekiel ‘Zeek’ Cruz was the third member onboard when they hauled in the record-setting billfish….

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