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Everything you need to know about how to use deep diving crankbaits for bass fishing to help land your next monster bass!

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Deep Diving Crankbaits


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Deep Diving Crankbaits

Whether you are new to angling, making the switch to bass fishing, or simply looking to upgrade your arsenal doesn’t matter. Deep diving crankbaits are one of the most popular lure types on the market, and they should be considered an essential feature of your setup.

The following guide will answer all of your key questions, including but not limited to;

  • What are deep diving crankbaits for bass fishing?
  • When should I use deep diving crankbaits for bass fishing?
  • What are the best deep diving crankbaits and setups?
  • Where can I buy the best deep diving crankbaits for bass fishing?
  • How can I get the best results when using deep diving crankbaits?

By the end of this guide, you’ll be ready to take your bass fishing game to the next level.

What are Deep Diving Crankbaits?

Deep diving crankbaits are a type of lure that can be used for various fishing activities but are most commonly associated with bass fishing due to their phenomenal effectiveness in attracting largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted species.

At a glance, most deep diving crankbaits for bass fishing look fairly similar and share a lot of key characteristics. They are a type of lure that is designed to replicate the appearance and natural movement of small fish in the water, with the ultimate goal of engaging the natural predatory nature of bass.

how to fish with deep diving crankbaits for bass

The crankbaits will feature a big body, treble hooks, and a plastic bill, although there can be a lot of contrasts in the designs. As they are reeled in, the body will move through the water as if it were live bait. As an aggressive bass attempts to eat the lure, it will swallow one of the hooks, thus enabling the fisherman or fisherwoman to commence the battle to reel the fish back to shore (or boat). 

Deep diving crankbaits can be used for a wide range of purposes, but their primary function is to cover a large area of water in superfast times to scout out exactly where the bass are situated. Crankbaits for bass fishing don’t simply locate fish, though, they target active fish that are ready to take the bait. Deep diving baits allow you to explore the waters at multiple depths while also covering wide zones.

When looking at deep diving crankbaits for bass fishing, you will come across various colors and designs, including both loud crankbaits and stealth balsa baits. This subsequently gives you a vast array of options that can be tailored to suit your personal preferences.

Best Deep Diving Crankbaits Setup 

Before choosing deep diving crankbait lures, you must first learn to master the process of setting up your bass fishing setup. In short, even the best crankbait lures will struggle to get the catch of the day if the surrounding features aren’t in place.

Rods for Your Deep Diving Crankbaits Setup

Due to their large bodies and use of three hooks, crankbaits are significantly heavier than many of the alternatives you may have previously encountered. Therefore, it is important that your choice of rod is suited to this type of setup.

A moderate action rod is deemed the best solution. It can bend low and far while the moderate action ensures that the hooks don’t cause damage to the fish while still boasting an action that’s powerful enough to successfully hook the fish.

Longer casts are desired as this will allow you to keep the crankbait at a deep depth for longer. So, a 7’ or 7’6” rod is usually the right length.

Reels for Your Deep Diving Crankbaits Setup

When hoping to utilize long casts, it’s vital that the reel is aligned to this goal. Therefore, most anglers find that reels featuring deep spools are ideal. They boast the necessary line capacity to complete long casts, but their benefits don’t end there. 

The deeper spool will also use a slower gear ratio, which works with the resistance of the deep diving crankbaits to deliver more power. This is particularly useful during a long day of fishing as there will be less reeling involved. In turn, this prevents fatigue.

While choosing a suitable brand and model of reel for your setup is key, narrowing the search to deep spool reels will have a telling impact. 

Lines for Your Deep Diving Crankbaits Setup

Many movies assume that all fishing lines are virtually the same. In reality, selecting the right choice for deep diving crankbaits is probably the most significant part of the whole setup. Go too heavy, and the bait won’t move correctly or reach its maximum depth.

Go too light, however, and the weight of the crankbait will snap the line either before or after the bass strikes. In most cases, a 10lb or 12lb monofilament line is the perfect choice although a fluorocarbon works well and is thinner too.

When combined with the right choice of rod and reel, the line will give you the perfect setup for using your new deep diving crankbaits.

deep diving crankbaits setup

How to Fish Deep Diving Crankbaits 

Having the right setup for a day’s fishing is one thing, but actually engaging the bass is another altogether.

In terms of scouting heavily populated areas of the lake, a long cast followed by a steady reel to replicate a natural movement is a great way to determine where fish are located. You can start reeling after just a couple of seconds to survey a depth that is above the bed of the lake.

However, reeling your crankbait so that it bounces across the lake’s bed is a particularly popular technique. As the lure bounces off of rocks and wood, it can attract reactionary bites from predatory bass. For an advanced technique, you can try to create the pendulum effect by allowing the lure to drop deep before reeling it towards the surface and repeating the process. With the right choice of crankbait, you’ll be able to cover an even larger area in a rapid fashion.

Some additional tips for greater success with deep diving crankbaits for bass fishing include;

  • Keep the rod tip low to the water.
  • Try to keep a 45-degree angle.
  • Pull into the bite rather than snatching.
  • Take your time when reeling the deep spool.
  • Be prepared to move onto new areas if there are no bites.

Crucially, you must remember to stay patient. This is an immensely popular technique for bass fishing, not least because you can learn the basics quite quickly. Still, it will take time to become a master.

When to Use Deep Diving Crankbaits 

Deep diving crankbaits are an immensely popular option for bass fishing, and offer a wide selection of benefits over alternative fishing methods, including but not limited to;

  • The biggest bass usually stay in deep waters, meaning your deep diving crankbait will help you attract bigger catches.
  • Because the crankbaits are quite big in size in comparison to other baits, you are more likely to engage the bigger bass too.
  • The wobbling action creates a bigger ‘strike zone’, meaning you can attract fish from farther away.
  • Crankbaits will also attract a range of other fish species. So, if the bass fish aren’t active, at least you won’t experience a wasted day.
  • They cover a greater area of water than most other fishing methods and baits, meaning optimal efficiency.

For the best results, though, you need to use this type of bait in the right conditions. The movement of the lure means it can wave through thick wood and stones very well, especially when matched with an abrasion-resistant line. Still, fishing around heavy cover is usually ill-advised due to snags.

It is much better to choose this solution when fishing in large open areas and trying to scout out areas where active bass are located. In wintertime, when fish are located in the shad, it is often worth using a white and loud crankbait. In the warmer months, colorful balsa baits are the best solution.

Crankbaits can be used in most weather types but are particularly effective in the rain.

Best Deep Diving Crankbaits

 The exact lures you need for a day of fishing will be influenced by the season, conditions, and setup. However, the following five are all fantastic additions to the bass fishing arsenal.

Bomber Lures Fat Free Shad Crankbait (White)

The white version of the Bomber Lures crankbait is perfect for winter bass fishing. It is especially suited to shallow waters up to 6’ deep and areas with a lot of covers. The two three-barbed hooks offer excellent reliability. It is the perfect match to 10lb lines.

Norman Lures DD22 Deep-Diving Crankbait Lure

The ⅝oz is ideal for deep diving at 15’ to 18’. It’s loud, features a medium-wide wobble, and has the bright colors needed to attract bass. The lure measures 3” in length and uses premium hooks to ensure that bites translate to catches.

Strike King KVD

With three separate lures included, the Strike King KVD crankbait set is the perfect starter set for beginners. They bounce well off the cover to gain reactionary bites while the choice of colors available can help you pick a solution for every season.

Strike King Pro-Model 6XD

The Strike King 6XD can reach depths of 19’ with ease, making it one of the best for deep diving bass fishing. It additionally features a 2-degree diving plane, which promotes longer casting with easy control. With the right setup, accuracy is assured.

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