Rhode Island Angler Catches Record Rainbow Trout Through Ice

rainbow trout in the water
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iStockphoto / Jaclyn Vernace

Rhode Island fisherman Zachary Taylor from Burrillville caught a record rainbow trout at the end of last month while fishing at Peck Pond. Luckily for him, he was fishing on the Rhode Island side of Peck Pond and not the far West portion of the lake which belongs to the state of Connecticut.

According to The Valley Breeze, Zachary Taylor was ice fishing through a tiny 6-inch hole when he pulled up the new state record rainbow trout. He told the local outlet that it took “some finagling” to get the 15 pound, 12 ounce rainbow trout through the tiny hole.

The previous state record for rainbow trout in Rhode Island was a 12 pound, 9.12 ounce fish. So Zachary Taylor’s trout absolutely smashed that record. And for what it’s worth, it would have also broken the Connecticut state record for rainbow trout if he was fishing on the far West side of Peck Pond.

The new R.I. fishing record hold shared this video of his trout after he pulled it through…

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