Arkansas Man’s New Bowfishing Record For Quillback Carpsucker

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The state of Arkansas keeps two sets of state fishing records due to the unique methods of fishing in the Natural State. There are records for Rod and Reel and a second set of ‘Unrestricted Tackle Records’ that are fishing records for fish caught “caught by legal means other than rod and reel.”

An example of that would be bowfishing and Arkansas angler Chance Williams just set a new bowfishing record after shooting a 22-inch, 8-pound quillback carpsucker that crushed the previous record of 6 pounds, 9 ounces set back in 2019.

Chance Williams told a member of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission that when he originally shot the fish he’d believed it to be a small buffalo but it turned out to be a bowfishing record for quillback carpsucker.

Williams was bowfishing on Bull Shoals Lake when he shot the record-setting quillback carpsucker and interestingly, this is the second unrestricted tackle fishing record on Bull Shoals Lake. The other…

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