Yamamoto Announces New Yamatanuki Heavy Soft Plastics

yamamoto yamatanuki
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Yamamoto Baits is excited to announce the stateside debut of the Yamatanuki. Wildly popular in Japan, the Yamatanuki is widely credited as the bait that started the trend of “heavy” soft plastics.

“I’m so excited about this bait,” admits Yamamoto pro Cody Meyer. “One of the hottest bass fishing techniques, especially in Japan, is to fish these heavy plastic baits. The Yamatanuki sinks perfectly, goes down horizontally, and its tail gives it a one-of-a-kind quiver action.”

Available in 8 popular colors, the 3 1/2 inches Yamamoto Yamatanuki is poised to become a staple on tournament day for years to come. It can be fished weightless thanks to its heavy profile which tips the scales at 5/8 ounce.

“I like to fish the Yamamoto Yamatanuki in grass and heavy rocks where jigs typically…

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