Texas Angler Catches 17+ Pound Largemouth Bass, 8th Largest In TX

largemouth bass fishing in Texas
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iStockphoto / Mr Bass Outdoors

Angler Jason Conn of Anna, Texas, a city north of Dallas, just caught the 8th heaviest largemouth bass ever landed in the Lonestar State.

Jason had his camera rolling while fishing on O.H. Ivie Lake, a reservoir of the Colorado River that’s out in the sticks due West of Waco, Texas.

While remote, it’s a major destination for largemouth bass fishermen and reliably produces some of the biggest bass in the country.

Jason Conn was fishing with two friends when he hooked the massive Texas largemouth bass. After getting it back to the boat he quickly realized his fish was a ‘Legacy Class Lunker’ and took it to a certified scale where the fish was officially weighed at 17.03 pounds.

17.03-Pound Largemouth Bass Caught In Texas

Here is the video of him reeling in this 17+ pound largemouth bass:

Want some more pictures of this insanely fat bass? Of course, you do:

What are ‘Legacy Class Largemouth Bass In TX?

Let’s talk about ‘Legacy’

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