5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Start a Homestead

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Start a Homestead
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While it’s easy enough to enjoy the thought of one day running your own homestead, pining for that life of self-sufficiency, the truth of the matter is that kind of life can be taxing, and that’s putting it lightly. Things don’t always go the way we planned, and we’re left scratching our heads, wondering what the hell we’ve gotten ourselves into.

So, with that being said, I think it’s important to understand a few of the reasons why homesteading might not be right for everyone. It’s often the uncomfortable things that we tend to think won’t happen to us, whether it’s underestimating the tenacity of a predator or the fragility of that which we decide to grow and raise, there’s a lot to consider before diving in. Here are my five top reasons why you shouldn’t get into homesteading.

You’ll Spend More Money than You’d Expect

Spending money to achieve self-sufficiency is just a basic reality that most new homesteaders tend to forget. It’s not so much the…

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