Does a Deer Hunting Lease Make Sense for You?

Does a Deer Hunting Lease Make Sense for You?
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I’ll start this with a point of clarity: I have spent more money than I care to remember leasing ground to hunt. I’ve leased ground in my home state of Michigan as well as in about five other states. For the most part, I don’t regret it but, at the same time, I can’t say that I was really better off for having done so.

Leasing is a fickle kind of thing, in my experience. These days, I’ve learned from those experiences and have adopted a simple set of rules that guide my whitetail efforts.In some cases, a lease makes sense. And that’s the point of this piece, to outline this hunter’s views on the leasing game and under what conditions I’m willing to participate.

When Leasing Makes Sense

I don’t pretend to be an especially gifted deer hunter. I’ve tagged some big deer simply because I’ve spent a lot of time chasing them, and I’m willing to do things not many others are willing to. I’ve messed up on far more mature bucks than I’ve killed and understand…

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