The Beginner’s Guide to Catfish Noodling

The Beginner's Guide to Catfish Noodling
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There’s a part of me that really enjoys getting in a fight. Now I’m not saying that I’m one of those guys who’ll swat the hat off a cowboy’s head or make lewd comments about your gal in a bar. I’m not out there looking for trouble. However, I wrestled and boxed during high school, played rugby, worked as a bouncer during and after college, and recently joined a martial arts gym. This isn’t because I’m an inherently violent guy or because I take some strange pleasure in dealing out or being in pain. I just find satisfaction in challenging myself physically and a primal happiness in coming out on top in a mano-a-mano contest. When you combine this love of the fight with my love for all things fishing, it’s easy to see why I’m completely fascinated with the sport of catfish noodling.

A Hand Grabbing History

For those unfamiliar, catfish noodling—also known as grabbling, hogging, catfisting, graveling, or stumping—is the art of wading or swimming out into the…

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