Near Record 75-Pound Cubera Snapper Caught and Released

Near Record 75-Pound Cubera Snapper Caught and Released
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Mark Davis with his giant of a cubera snapper.
Mark Davis

Panama’s Tropic Star Lodge is renowned as a world-class fishery for a variety of species. And visiting South Carolina angler Mark Davis, 54, whole-heartedly agrees – especially for oversize Pacific cubera snapper.

Fishing on Dec. 14, Davis was filming a segment for his BigWater Adventures TV show when a giant of a cubera snapper ate a live hardtail bait near some shoreline rocks.

“We were 10 miles south of Pinas Bay, in about 80 feet of clear water when the fish hit,” Davis explained in an to Sportfishing. “It was a bright and sunny day with light wind, and we were fishing on a camp 31-foot Bertram boat. The snapper crushed a slow-trolled bait about 50 feet off shoreline rocks, and the battle was on.”

Davis used a 6-foot Penn rollered trolling rod, coupled with a Penn reel spooled with 80-pound test Seaguar braided line with a top-shot of…

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