Rising SPHS Senior Casting Name For Himself In Kayak Fishing

Rising SPHS Senior Casting Name For Himself In Kayak Fishing
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By Tom Worgo

Jordan Lovejoy wanted to take up kayaking and fishing — the latter being something he had spent years doing at the time.

A rising senior at Severna Park High School, Lovejoy decided not to take kayaking lessons, nor venture into the water, or try to figure it out on his own. But he found a different way to learn all about kayaking: YouTube.

Lovejoy watched videos when he was in middle school for nearly two years before he decided to go out on the Severn River for kayak fishing.

The younger Lovejoy, then a student at Severna Park Middle School, watched the videos and waited to hit the water because of his age at the time.

But once he eventually hit the water, and he noted the amount of others out on the river, he got excited.

“I just fell in love with it,” Lovejoy said. “I learned how to function in a small space and how to have things sorted and where to put everything. I wasn’t very good when I first started. It…

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