Comparing the Pro Bass Fishing Tours

Comparing the Pro Bass Fishing Tours
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I think most bass anglers are happy with the fact that there is so much coverage now. But still it’s only natural to want to compare the anglers from one tour to another, and that became more difficult in 2019 than in years past. It will be nice if we can figure out an even comparison model across these three tours. I’m hopeful will get this right.

Even still, many of us are not sure how you compare winning one event against another; or catching a big weight to catching a large number of bass. Or the fish catches from one event on a lake to another tour’s event on the same lake. Natural comparisons that are not so easily made anymore. Will fans try to cross-compare on varied formats?

For example, Terry Bolton documented that he caught more than 80 bass the first day on Sam Rayburn, and that he for sure had more than 200 pounds of bass that first day. That would be an amazing feat in the MLF format. But on day one, he…

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