Use a Split Shot Rig to Catch Pressured Bass

Use a Split Shot Rig to Catch Pressured Bass
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Bass fishing changes and improves from equipment to techniques every year. But we often give bass too much credit for needing new presentations to get them to bite. Sometimes reverting to forgotten techniques produces needed bites on a tough day. The often overlooked split-shot rig catches bass as good today as it did three decades ago. 

“A lot of fishermen don’t ever think to throw a split-shot rigged plastic anymore,” said Elite Series pro Terry Scroggins. “If other anglers aren’t fishing with it, however, then it just makes it better for guys like me who still use it.”

Revisiting the split-shot rig

As simple as it sounds, a split-shot rig consists of three items: a hook, a small split-shot sinker, and a soft plastic bait of your choosing. Texas rig your favorite plastic on the hook and pinch a small split shot however far above the bait you want. That’s it.

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