Retired NHL Goalie Catches a Half-Ton White Sturgeon

White sturgeon caught in British Columbia.
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It only took 25 minutes for a group of Canadians to catch the Fraser River fish. But when they finally pulled the white sturgeon to the surface, they realized it was one for the record books. The anglers were fishing east of Vancouver, near the town of Chilliwack, when retired National Hockey League great Pete Peeters and his buddy Jake Driedger took turns reeling in the fish. Coincidentally, Peeters lives in Sturgeon County, Alberta. The former goalie played 13 seasons in the NHL for the Philadelphia Flyers, Boston Bruins, and Washington Capitals.

His catch was an 11-foot-6-inch long white sturgeon (measured from tip to tail fork, as is the standard on the river) with a pectoral girth of 55 inches. Using a length and girth formula to estimate the big fish’s weight, the anglers discovered the sturgeon would likely tip the scales at 890 pounds, or almost half a ton. That would make it a Canadian provincial record for the species, reports the Vancouver…

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