Missouri Fisherman Catches (and Releases) Piebald Catfish

Chad Hester caught this piebald blue cat last week.
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Missouri angler Chad Hester hooked into a unique piebald blue catfish last week on the Mississippi River. His bait? A chunk or invasive Asian carp, according to Kansas City Fox 4.

The catfish was mostly white, except for a few gray splotches near its head and tail. Hester caught the fish near West Alton, a small river town just north of St. Louis, an area known for big catfish. A 130-pound catfish was pulled out of the nearby Missouri River, which flows into the Mississippi at the east end of West Alton, in 2010. And a 124-pound lunker was hooked in the Mississippi River in 2005 by an Illinois angler.

“It was definitely one for the books,” said Hester in an interview posted by Kansas City Fox 4. “I freaked out. I’m like holy cow. This is it. It’s happening. I’ve never been able to see one in real life.”

Hester took a few quick photos with the piebald catfish, weighed it, and then released the fish back into the river. The catfish tipped the scales…

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