Do Scented Fishing Lures Actually Work?

scented fishing lures
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An eon ago I bought a spray bottle of some oily, licorice-smelling stuff called Fish Formula that was “guaranteed” to help me catch more bass. Frankly, I never felt like it worked, but it did add a mighty stench to my laundry pile. Since then, however, I’ve become a believer in Gene Larew’s Salt Craws as well as the garlic-flavored lure dip called Spike-It. As a matter of fact, I netted the biggest two bass I’ve ever seen caught—10-pound and an 11.5-pound—caught minutes apart with a Spike It-dipped plum-colored Salt Craw. For years I used Bass Assassin’s plastic fluke said to contain something called P-Enzyme that the company claims attracts fish. Yum’s literature says the same thing about its Live Prey Technology scent additive—but any scientific data behind these flavored baits—with the exception of Berkley’s PowerBait—is scarce.

Experience and anecdotal evidence heavily suggest that scented baits work for fishing. How else can you explain…

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