Record Boats Race in CRAB Cup for Accessible Boating

Record Boats Race in CRAB Cup for Accessible Boating
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Sailors are quick to support other sailors. And that’s exactly what happened at the August 20th CRAB Cup for Accessible Boating, when a record number of boats showed up to help raise operational expenses for Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB). 

The CRAB Cup is part of the Chesapeake Bay’s Triple Crown of fundraising: the Leukemia Cup, the Hospice Cup, and the CRAB Cup. Boats who participate in all three races are scored on their finishes as well as their fundraising amounts. 

In 2021, race organizers introduced a poker run for powerboaters as part of the CRAB Cup. This year, over 10 powerboats traveled to various destinations on the Bay and snapped selfies for race organizers, who then sent on an electronic playing card to create a complete poker hand. 

One registrant that surprised organizers participated on his jetski. “I thought it was kind of funny,” says CRAB Executive Director Paul Bollinger. “He came back in and said, ‘This was…

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