OUTDOORS: Short and sweet | Outdoors

OUTDOORS: Short and sweet | Outdoors
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Merry Christmas! 

Today’s column is going to be short and sweet with a good fishing report at the end.

Two big things happened in my circle of friends this week. 

First, my good buddy, Nick Zimmerman, whom I have been taking hunting and fishing the last two years, finally killed his first deer! Nick shot it last Saturday in Alabama on a private farm. He said he did what I always say to do: Find a deer trail, slip in about a hundred or so yards and sit your butt down! He shot the buck at last light. 

Congrats Nick!

Second, my high school hunting buddy, Jeff Morton, has managed to raise a bass fisherman! Rep Morton placed second on Sinclair this past Saturday at the high school bass fishing tournament. Rep’s an awesome kid who it seems is figuring it all out on bass fishing. Now his daddy can make fun of him for throwing fish back and leave me alone.

Fishing report:

Oconee – Most everyone I know is chasing stripers, whites, and…

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