Family pushes back after 70-year-old record voided

Roy Groves with a 55-pound catfish caught in 1949. For nearly 70 years it stood as South Dakota's record channel catfish until it was voided on May 20, 2019. South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks determined the fish was a blue catfish.
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For all thedrama it’s caused lately, Roy Groves’ 55-pound catfish was an afterthought the first time anyone wrote about it.

The star of the May 24, 1949 edition of the Argus Leader was his 94 pound, 8 ounce blue catfish, plastered on the front page next to his son Harold.

A story below the photo describes the elder Groves’ battle with the fish, which lasted more than two hours in the James River north of Meckling.

In the fifth paragraph, the story mentions that Groves caught “a 55-lb specimen last week.”

It’s a clear reference to his channel catfish record, which was set on May 18, 1949 and stood until last Friday, a single day short of holding the record for 70 years.

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