Model and Influencer Breaks Fishing Record in Costa Rica.

Model and Influencer Breaks Fishing Record in Costa Rica.
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The spectacular model, influencer, TV presenter, motivational and optimistic (she is always happy), Marijke Van Laarhoven Vega, is news because last weekend she broke the fishing record in Costa Rica after being part of the Show boat crew Time that caught 62 marlin, 2 sailfish and achieved a Grand Slam.

She along with the sensational curvilinear are part of the record Hugo Holmann Chamorro and the crew, Captain Jesús Montero, Maxwell Alpízar and Kenneth. The feat recalls the famous work “The Old Man and the Sea” by the writer Ernest Hemingway, where an old fisherman went out to sea, after 84 days of not fishing, and precisely that day he caught a huge sailfish.

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In this case, she was a beautiful woman, in a bathing suit, and her team, who went out to sea to break a record difficult to match in Costa Rica, as it included 2…

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