Massive Blue Catfish Breaks State Fishing Record By 4 Ounces

blue catfish underwater
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iStockphoto / abadonian

An angler from Bridgeville, Delaware just fished his way into the record books after landing a massive blue catfish on the Nanticoke River earlier this month.

The state record blue catfish battled him for a while before succumbing to the net. Angler Chris Andrews told the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife “I knew it was a big one, just not how big” after the initial strong tug on his line.

For a statewide press release on his new Delaware fishing record, Andrews went on to say “I got the fish up and close to the boat multiple times, but it would just take off pulling my drag. I had a smaller net than usual, so it took multiple tries (to get it into the boat). After about a 5-minute fight, the fish was landed.”

Fishing News: New State Record Blue Catfish In Delaware

After using his smaller net to wrangle the fish into the boat, Chris Andrews knew he had something special on his hands. So…

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