A Bucket-List Fishing Trip in Alaska’s Talkeetna Mountains

A Bucket-List Fishing Trip in Alaska’s Talkeetna Mountains
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“Do you want to go on an Alaskan adventure?”

I didn’t need to hear any more from Van Holmes, public relations manager for Yamaha Motor Corp. Alaska had been at the top of my bucket list for years. The details—who else was going, where in the state we’d be, or what we’d be doing there—didn’t matter in the slightest. So I ditched my plans for a relaxing end-of-summer beach trip and accepted the invitation. Less than two weeks later, I was headed north.

Reaching the Last Frontier

After nine hours in the air from central Pennsylvania, my flight touched down in Anchorage on a Monday afternoon, and I headed to pick up our RVs for the week from a place called Great Alaskan Holidays.

After watching a 30-minute orientation video and signing a few forms, I got the keys to my very own Minnie Winnie. These requirements seemed lax given that the largest vehicle I’d driven up to that point had been a Chevy…

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