Winter Fishing Tips & Tactics

Winter Fishing Tips & Tactics
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If you live in the northern part of the country, odds are good that you have consistent ice coverage on your local lakes and ponds in winter. You’re lucky, because it means you can save your sanity by hitting the hardwater. But for many anglers—myself included—who live in areas where the water stays open most of the winter despite colder temperatures, fishing becomes a challenge. Many anglers simply hang it up after the fall. While it’s hard to deny that opportunities diminish during the winter, they’re certainly not gone until spring. Winter fishing can be productive, but you’ve got to be prepared.

That means having both an understanding of what the fish are doing and choosing your days and times wisely. Here are five of the most common mistakes I see winter anglers make. Avoid them and you might be shocked by the action you find in the dead of winter.

You’re Fishing Too Fast

Everybody loves that feeling when a trout throttles…

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