Oklahoma Angler Set a New State Record While Bowfishing

Oklahoma Angler Set a New State Record While Bowfishing
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Oklahoma’s newest state record fish is not only a big win for the angler that landed it, but it’s also a double-punch win-win for all Oklahoma anglers.

This is the Bighead Carp.

US Fish & Wildlife Service

US Fish & Wildlife Service

It’s an ugly little fish from Southeast Asia that was supposed to be the savior of organic waste management in the river systems of the Southern United States, but has instead become the biggest threat to America’s freshwater ecosystem.

They were literally introduced into settling ponds to eat poop and help transition waste water back into nature. As every story of animal importation goes, these fish quickly exploded in population and are quite literally taking over the Mississippi River system.

As they spread, while they do provide plenty of hilarious content for creators…

They are a huge ecological drain on the ecosystems of America’s biggest river system.

The new state record silver carp was harvested with a fishing bow and arrow setup by Stephen Banaszak…

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