World’s tallest flagpole will honor veterans, fallen soldiers

World's tallest flagpole will honor veterans, fallen soldiers
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(NewsNation) — One family is making it their mission to remember veterans and their sacrifices.

Founder of “Wreaths Across America” Morrill Worcester and his son, co-founder Rob Worcester, joined “Morning in America” to share the first look at plans to create the world’s tallest flagpole, and to build “Flagpole of Freedom Park,” a park to honor every fallen soldier.

“It actually matches the important date in our history. Purposely, we made it 1,776 feet above sea level. The pole itself is just a little bit taller than the Empire State Building to give you an idea, and it will fly the largest American flag ever to be flown,” Robb said.

Currently, the world’s largest free-flying flag in America can be found in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, at Acuity Insurance’s campus. The flag, measuring 9,800 square feet, flies on a flagpole roughly 400 feet tall. The Flagpole of Freedom is expected to have a pole…

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