Williams Bay Yerkes Observatory’s world’s tallest glass Christmas tree

Williams Bay Yerkes Observatory's world's tallest glass Christmas tree
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A world record stands tall in Williams Bay. It’s full of holiday spirit, too. 

It’s made up of 3,000 pounds of glass. 

“It’s like, super tall,” said Mia Mohr. “It’s like, a billion feet.”

It’s not quite that tall, but it does break a record.

“It’s a 31-foot tall spinning steel structure,” said Jason Mack with Jason Mack Glass.

Mack said it’s the world’s largest glass Christmas tree. It sits at the Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay.

“This is really a great opportunity for people in the community to come out and see something unusual, see a world record be broken,” said Becca Prox. 

It took nine days to build, even in the frigid weather. The glass sculpture only grew thanks to the community. Mack said they used donated glass — things like wine…

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