32-Year-Old Burbot Record Broken Twice in Two Weeks

32-Year-Old Burbot Record Broken Twice in Two Weeks
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The Indiana State record for burbot has been broken not once, but twice in the past two weeks.

The first time happened on Dec. 30 when avid angler Scott Skafar caught a burbot that weighed 10.2 pounds on Lake Michigan. This catch broke the previous state record that had been in place since 1990 by 2.5 pounds. Later that day Skafar reeled in a second burbot that was also larger than the 1990 state record by nearly two pounds.

Skafar, of Valparaiso, decided to look up the state record because he knew that to catch a burbot that large was uncommon.

“When first catching them I didn’t think much of it,” Skafar told Fox News Digital. “I checked the record using my mobile phone to look it up. Seeing it was only 7 pounds, 11 ounces, I knew these were much larger.”

Skafar with two record-breaking burbot.

With an appearance best described as a cross between a catfish and an eel, the burbot has an elongated body, laterally compressed with a flattened head. The mouth is wide, with both…

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