Which States Produce the Best Deer Hunters?

Which States Produce the Best Deer Hunters?
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I’ve always felt that I’ve been especially blessed as a deer hunter. Not necessarily because of my success, though I’ve had my moments, but rather because I’ve been able to experience so much of the deer hunting world. I grew up in Vermont, had family property in New York and Indiana, and when I was in my mid-twenties, I moved to Montana to become a guide. I’ve been lucky enough to hunt deer in a variety of different states, utilizing a collection of different hunting techniques, allowing me to completely immerse myself in an assortment of different deer-hunting cultures.

I’ve sat in tree stands on the edge of cornfields with my bow, tracked and still hunted big woods bucks across snowy ridges, spotted and stalked muleys and whitetails on the open prairie, and even slipped between small woodlots and open fields with a shotgun, bow, and muzzleloader in middle of suburbia. I’ve been a part of family deer camps, planted food plots and placed stands, taken part of…

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