Landowner Berates Duck Hunters in Viral Video

Landowner Berates Duck Hunters in Viral Video
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Charges are pending following a heated confrontation between a landowner and a group of waterfowl hunters in North Dakota’s Eddy County.

The incident took place on the morning of Friday, Oct. 21, and was recorded by Jacob Sweere of Madison Lake, Minnesota, in a now-viral video.

The group of hunters had set up a spread between a cut bean field and a cut cornfield. They bagged several birds, but it wasn’t long before the owner of the cornfield drove up and began screaming at the group.

“I was going to hunt here this morning, but I heard you guys were coming,” he said. “I own the fucking land. Now that you’re here, I can’t hunt here. So you know what, fuck you!”

The group of hunters consisted of both local and non-local hunters. One of the local hunters said he’d secured permission from the owner of the bean field, but the owner of the corn field argued that they were trespassing because the leaves from their blind were touching the leaves of his corn.

At various…

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