Video: Giant Bass Caught on Fly Could Break a World Record

Video: Giant Bass Caught on Fly Could Break a World Record
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Late last month a professional videographer obsessed with striped bass went out with an East Tennessee fly-fishing guide in hopes of landing his first striper on the fly. With cameras rolling, the pair of anglers did one better, landing a massive striper-white bass hybrid that stands to break multiple IGFA world records. You can watch the whole 17-minute episode on YouTube, and it tells the abbreviated version of how Michael Kaas and Patrick Fulkrod caught a pending world-record whiterock bass — on accident.

Outdoor Life caught up with Fulkrod, who shared the full story behind the fish. That ending has yet to be determined, as the International Game Fish Association is still considering the record application. Either way, Fulkrod says it’ll go down as one of the greatest lucky breaks of his guiding career.     

“It was a total fluke that we caught it, landed it, and then weighed it,” Fulkrod tells…

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4.8 4 votes
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