Tournament rules face greater scrutiny than ever, competitor says

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Oct. 13—This isn’t a fishy story.

Years ago when in a bass fishing tournament along the Hudson river in New York, Matt Lazaroff hauled in some hefty-sized fish.

After placing them in plastic bags filled with water so they could survive, the Coolspring Township resident was ready for the contest’s official weigh-in.

“When I looked in the bag, one of my fish spit out a frog,” Lazaroff said. “The frog would have added more weight to my catch. But it’s against the rules to put the frog back into the fish, so I took out the frog and put it in another bag.”

Never have fishing tournament rules come under public scrutiny than now. and there are different rules for tournaments based on the group hosting the event.

A two-man fishing team from Hermitage and the Cleveland area face felony and misdemeanor charges after being accused of stuffing metal weights into their catch during a Sept. 30 walleye contest in Cleveland. The pair stood to win nearly $29,000, if the tampered fish hadn’t been…

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