Top 3 Female Anglers on the Scene Today

april vokey
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YouTube: Anchored Outdoors with April Vokey

Social media is full of new female anglers proclaiming themselves fishing influencers, but these women are the real deal.

Every time I log onto Instagram, I see a new 20-something-year-old posting fishing tips and promo codes for a fly rod or swimbait or some other fishing tackle.

While it’s great to see new female faces popping up in the fishing world and more women fishing, these aren’t the ladies who should be “influencing” you or your daughters. In fact, they haven’t even been alive for as long as many of the true angling pioneers have been fishing.

They might not be as active on the interwebs, but these women anglers are the true female pros of the fishing industry.

Jen Ripple

Jen is not only a proficient fly angler but also the owner and editor-in-chief of DUN Magazine, created and edited by women but regarded by all fly anglers.

A well-respected voice in the fly fishing industry, she’s made major waves that have resulted in…

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