Record lake trout caught in Maine | Fishing

Record lake trout caught in Maine | Fishing
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A Maine state record lake trout was caught July 2 on Richardson Lake, according to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries.

The angler is Erik Poland, 34, of Andover, Maine and his fish was 44 inches long and weighed 39.2 pounds. The fish was caught in Lower Richardson Lake in Township C. The lake is east of Errol, New Hampshire.

“I’m pretty excited and I’m in disbelief,” Poland told the Sun in a Facebook message.

His lake trout is now the record in all of New England as it surpasses a New Hampshire laker that was caught during the winter.

He is taking the fish to Mountain Deer Taxidermy in Vermont. He said he probably won’t learn what the fish had been feeding on until the taxidermist opens it up.

Biologist Liz Thorndike told The Sun, “A fish of that size has its choice of food. I found it interesting the angler caught a togue (another name for lake trout) of that size on a lure that imitates a smelt, which suggests the togue is…

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