The Total Guide to Catching and Cooking Bullhead Catfish

The Total Guide to Catching and Cooking Bullhead Catfish
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Everyone loves an underdog. Whether we’re watching some low-ranked boxer or tennis player taking it to the world champion or some scrappy college team fighting their way to the top of the Pac 12, we can’t help but root for the dark horse and cheer for the unexpected. This inherent desire is deeply ingrained in us from the time we’re young, reading the stories of David and Goliath and The Little Engine that Could and watching those generic yet adorable movies about rag-tag groups of misfits playing sports. The ones where despite the fact that their star player is a nerd, a werewolf, or a golden retriever, they still manage to win the championship. This love for the longshot gives us confidence, inspires us, and touches nearly every aspect of our lives—except our fishing.

When it comes to fishing, we don’t want the scrappy little engine that could, we want the big one. That giant fish that puts our tackle to the test and leaves us with a great picture or mount for the wall…

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