The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Fish Hatcheries

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Fish Hatcheries
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Human beings are capable of great things. We erected our own massive metropolises, put a man on the moon, and even invented the freaking internet! But we’ve done some terrible things as well. In our haste or perhaps our hubris in trying to mold this world, we have often hurt it.

Our forefathers shaped the natural world to fit our needs and didn’t consider the effect such actions would have on nature. Trees were cut down, rivers dammed, and entire species were either driven out or completely wiped out. Thankfully as we became more advanced and science evolved, we began to recognize the mistakes made by the previous generations and tried to rectify them. We created rules and regulations to help stem the tide—we planted trees, we preserved and saved animals like the bison—and of course, we built fish hatcheries.

Fish hatcheries were created with the best of intentions to help restore and maintain fish populations. However, there are a lot of different sides to these fish…

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