How to Catch Still-Water Trout

How to Catch Still-Water Trout
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We’re all a bit guilty of profiling. Now I don’t mean in any sort of that creepy uncle you don’t invite to Thanksgiving anymore type of way, but rather as hunters and anglers. It’s not our fault, of course, it’s just that in the natural world it just seems certain things go together. Agricultural fields make us think of big whitetail bucks hiding in the tree line. Deep muddy rivers make us think of catfish cruising along the bottom, and high rocky mountain sides put us in mind of elk, sheep, and mountain goats just beyond the next ridge. It’s an inherent part of being a sportsman and something we almost take pride in being able to predict. Yet there are times when our ideals clash with reality. Places where an environment isn’t so easy to read because it doesn’t fit with what’s conventional. Never is this more apparent than when you’re chasing trout in a pond, reservoir, or lake.

Though there are a few famous exceptions to this rule, such as Pyramid Lake in…

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