How to Troll for Whitetail Bucks

How to Troll for Whitetail Bucks
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The term “trolling” carries with it one very specific tactic. You drop a line in the water let it flow out behind the boat and drive around in circles hoping to stumble across a fish. But we’re deer hunters, right? Trolling has no application in the woods. Except, there is.

I was hunting with a good friend somewhere around eight years ago when I first tried it. We talked about the concept for several seasons. Finally, while on a trip West and after one of those wind-blasted mornings so common in the Great Plains, I’d eaten enough sand. The rut was rolling, the winds were whipping, the conditions were right, and we were bored. It was time to give the oft-discussed Hail Mary a shot.

And damned if it didn’t work. Let’s go trolling.

The Plan

There’s nothing complex about a trolling system and, truth be told, as unique as the concept was to me the first time I tried it, I’ve since learned that it maybe isn’t as novel an approach as I once believed. That said, I’m…

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