Texas noodlers catch massive potential record-breaking catfish

Texas noodlers catch massive potential record-breaking catfish
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A nasty thunderstorm packing big wind, rain and dangerous lightning rolled across Lake Tawakoni on the afternoon of June 22.

Justin Wright of Kaufman and Drew Moore of Chandler were on the water doing some noodling at the time. The men thought about racing to shore in their jon boat to beat the approaching weather, but chose take shelter beneath a nearby bridge crossing instead.

“The radar indicated the storm was going to miss us, but it didn’t,” White said. “We didn’t realize how bad it was until it got there. All we could do was wait it out.”

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It was getting pretty late when the skies calmed, but the two men still had time to do some fishing  before darkness fell. They didn’t have to go far to reach their next spot, either. There was a honey hole just beneath a boat, but they had to dive 14 feet beneath the surface to get there.

Moore, 23,…

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