Tennessee Man Snags New State-Record Paddlefish

Tennessee Man Snags New State-Record Paddlefish
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East Tennessee angler Henry Dyer was out fishing on Cherokee Lake Thursday evening when he caught the biggest fish of his life and made Tennessee fishing history. Dyer’s 149-pound paddlefish has been accepted as the new state-record for the species, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. But that’s not all. Looking at the state’s record book, the giant paddlefish also happens to be the largest fish (of any species) ever recorded in the Volunteer State.

“It’s a big deal, at least in my mind it is,” TWRA assistant chief of fisheries Jason Henegar told reporters Tuesday.

Dyer was fishing with his guide buddy Brian Townsend when he made the historic catch. And while the two anglers have snagged paddlefish in the past, that wasn’t their original intention last week. They started out fishing for bass after launching their boat on Cherokee Lake.

“I don’t snag for paddlefish a lot,” said Townsend. “We’d just gone down there to…

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