Talented Artists Descend on Easton to Paint “En Plein Air”

Talented Artists Descend on Easton to Paint "En Plein Air"
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Those who visit the charming town of Easton, Md. can see why it would be inspiring subject matter to artists—the waterfront, the Eastern Shore culture, the quaint downtown area.

So it’s not surprise that Easton plays host to an invitation-only painting competition, in which some painters come from as far away as Europe. It’s known as Plein Air Easton, and for some residents, it’s the second-best weekend of the year behind only Waterfowl Festival.

From July 15-24  the welcome will be extended to 58 juried artists who come to Talbot County from as close as Easton to as far away as Norway. Undaunted by the certainty of weather that wraps mid-July on the Shore in a shroud of moist, high heat, they’ll set up easels on the streets, by the sides of rural roads, in small towns, and on the banks of rivers and streams throughout the area where onlookers can watch them paint. “People like to see the artists out there working,” says Nancy Tankersley, event…

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