Stranded Kayaker Airlifted from Choptank

Stranded Kayaker Airlifted from Choptank
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Running aground is a fear of all boaters, but sometimes areas become so silted-in that even paddlecraft don’t stand a chance. A kayaker on the Choptank River learned that the hard way last Thursday, as he became stuck and was ultimately rescued by state police helicopter.

The adult male kayaker was on the river near Chapel Branch, in Denton, Md. on the Eastern Shore mid-day Thursday when he became stranded along the shoreline and couldn’t return to navigable waters. Due to silt, wind and an outgoing tide, the kayak wouldn’t budge. When the 911 call came in, no rescue crew was able to reach the kayaker by boat. Marydel Volunteer Fire Company, who were dispatched to help in the rescue, were unable to approach even with a jon boat. Maryland Natural Resources Police also launched but couldn’t get to the man.

With the water temperature around 44 degrees, the kayaker would have been in danger if he’d gone into the water.

Maryland State Police Trooper 6…

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