Schools See Apprenticeship Programs as Alternatives to College Prep

Schools See Apprenticeship Programs as Alternatives to College Prep
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With the cost of a four-year college education approaching six figures at some institutions, many students are looking at apprenticeships to train for a career.

A program in the Kalamazoo Public Schools is aimed at putting students on an alternative track toward well-paying jobs which do not require traditional degrees. The program, Career Launch Kalamazoo, is part of a national trend aimed at putting apprenticeships on a parallel track with the college prep curriculum.

Rita Raichoudhuri, superintendent of Kalamazoo Public Schools, said the district found it needed to rethink what it means to be a successful graduate.

“Not a lot of opportunities or access pointed existed for those students for whom college right after graduation from high school may not be the right fit, or even advisable,” Raichoudhuri recounted. “Opportunities for them did not exist.”

Raichoudhuri came to Kalamazoo from the Chicago Public School District,…

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