New Red Grouper Record | Sport Fishing Mag

New Red Grouper Record | Sport Fishing Mag
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Steve Jackson with his record red grouper.
Courtesy Relentless Sportfishing

Angler Steve Jackson was ecstatic when he recently made a Facebook post that he had just been issued a state fishing record.

“Well it’s finally official. I am now the Louisiana state record holder for red grouper caught on a rod and reel,” he wrote. “Huge shoutout to Capt. Joey Davis of Relentless Sportfishing for putting us on lots of nice fish that day.

“Best of all, I had my son with me to see it happen and push to get it in the (record) books. Thanks, now it’s time to go back and do it again.”

Jackson, 52, a salesman from Benton, Arkansas, was entertaining four business customers and his son on Aug. 12 when they drove 10 hours to Venice, Louisiana to try for tuna. The weather was poor that morning for trying tuna, but Capt. Joey Davis said they could try for bottomfish when the weather laid down a bit…

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