Missouri’s Oldest Fishing Record Has Not Been Broken in 62 Years

Missouri's Oldest Fishing Record Has Not Been Broken in 62 Years
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It’s the most difficult fishing record to break in the state of Missouri based on how long it has stood alone. It has now been more than 62 years ago that a man pulled the state record for a largemouth bass out of Missouri’s Bull Shoals Lake and no one has topped it since.

My dad and I used to go bass fishing all the time when I was growing up in Missouri. The largest I ever landed was a monster (to me) 7 1/2 pound bass out of a lake near the Huntington Quarry where my dad worked at the time. That was even larger than my dad had ever caught even though he eventually topped me with a 8 pound bass later in his life.

As I was thinking about the fishing days with my dad, I got curious about what the Missouri record is and according to Land Big Fish.com, the largemouth bass record is the oldest one in the state.

Their ranking says that a man named Marvin Bushong went fishing at Bull Shoals Lake in Missouri on April 1, 1963. Marvin reeled in a pole-bending 13 lbs 14 oz largemouth…

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