Missouri Angler Catches World Record 97-Pound Bighead Carp

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iStockphoto / Sablin / Nosyrevy

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has announced that angler George Chance has set a new fishing world record when he reeled in a massive 97-pound bighead carp out of the mighty Mississippi River.

Chance was bottom fishing for catfish when he hooked up with his new bighead carp world record-setting fish and after battling it for around 20 minutes he knew the fish was huge but he estimated it to weigh 50 to 60 pounds. It wasn’t until he took the invasive carp to a local recycling center to have it weighed that it really dawned on him he’d caught a record-setting fish.

The previous IGFA fishing world record for bighead carp was a 90-pound, 0-ounce fish caught out of Guntersville Lake in Tennessee by angler Jeffrey Rorex back in 2005. It is interesting that the two most recent fishing world records for this species were both fish caught in North America when the species is nonnative and considered invasive in North America.

new world record bighead carp caught in Missouri


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