Live Like Bryce tournament set for Lake Ouachita

Live Like Bryce tournament set for Lake Ouachita
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The Live Like Bryce Foundation will hold its seventh annual memorial bass fishing tournament April 8 on Lake Ouachita.

Live Like Bryce is a charity organization celebrating the life of Bryce Briggs, a Lake Hamilton High School alumnus who died as the result of a brush fire accident in December 2016.

“Right after that they started a memorial fishing tournament,” Briggs’ mother, Tabitha, said. “We have these tournaments every year not only to remember Bryce but to raise money to help others all throughout the year.”

Live Like Bryce provides character scholarships and hosts community events to keep his memory alive while helping others.

Bryce Briggs was an original member of the Lake Hamilton Bass-N-Wolves fishing team where he finished top 10 in the state.

“He used to tell me when we were talking about his major or what he was going to do,” Tabitha Briggs said, “he said, he was going to be a professional fisherman. I asked if he had a backup plan, he said, ‘win the…

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