In the outdoors since 1980 | Recreation

In the outdoors since 1980 | Recreation
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I’ve been fortunate to make a living as an outdoor communicator and when I’m asked what I do, I always indicate that I’m outdoor communicator.

Many times after I’ve told someone what I do, I get the old deer-in-the-headlights look and need to explain what it is I do.

Yes, I’ve had the opportunity to hunt at the governor’s hunt of several Midwestern states, including South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa, with my credentials of being an outdoor writer, radio show host and host of my “Outdoorsmen Adventures” television series, as they know they’ll get at least one column, perhaps a radio show and a chance for a mention on my television show.

I also have had the opportunity to fish and hunt with NFL football players and Major League Baseball players as well as with Indy race car drivers.

One of my sponsors, Graham Tire, was instrumental in getting me a ride…

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